President's Column

Optometry Next--For The Future

by Dr. Scott Emely

I would like to begin my first column by offering my sincere gratitude to all of those who have served before me; all of those who volunteer to give back to this great profession; and to all those who continue to encourage our profession to move forward.

We appreciate all that those who have gone before us have done in the past to help grow our profession. Everything they did was done with an eye toward the future and what was next for our profession. And it’s important to remember that they did so with naysayers who continued to embrace the past and fear the future. Realizing that maintaining the status quo is the same as standing still, I hope to work to continue to advance this profession.

Over the past few years we have seen the GOA pass legislation that has propelled the profession forward. The GOA understands that the future of eye care lies within a medical model. Therefore, we want to ensure our optometrists can practice at the highest level they are able.

Keeping those thoughts in mind, I want to introduce my theme and ideas for the upcoming year. The theme I chose is “Optometry Next.”

I developed the theme after thinking about the goals outlined in the strategic plan we developed last summer. The plan focuses on the GOA’s future and what is next for optometry. We thought a lot about what our future looks like as a profession and how we can be best prepared. “Optometry Next” expresses those thoughts.

I look forward to working together this year to embrace what is next for optometry and implement our ideas for how to get us there.

If you are interested in helping propel our profession forward and want to get involved with the GOA, please let me know.

I look forward to reinvigorating our committees this year and want to hear YOUR ideas for Optometry Next.